Do you accept returns?
That depends. Did you get the wrong size? Is there a giant hole in the shirt? Sure. We hand pack each order, so this should not happen, but if it does, e-mail us as soon as possible with your order number, and we'll make arrangements. If you simply don't want the shirt after receiving it, gift it to a friend who loves metal. We can't offer monetary refunds at this time.

Why is shipping to my country so expensive?
We based our shipping prices on USPS rates as of July 2012, with some of the most popular countries getting the best deal. We do offer discounted or free shipping for multiple items (particularly patches). If you love Anagnorisis and live on a tiny island in the middle of the ocean, well, that's awesome! But it's going to cost a lot to ship a shirt to you.

I live in Louisville/S. Indiana. Can I just pick up my order?
Maybe. Send us an e-mail (or click "Contact" above) with your order and we'll see what we can do.

What forms of payment do you accept?
Any major credit card. Check-out is now integrated directly into our BigCartel site via Stripe. If you can only use Paypal, please contact us and we'll send you an invoice for your order.

How do you pronounce your band name?
It's "anne" as in the name, "ag" as in "agriculture," "nor" as in "Norway," "uh" (instead of "ih"), and "sis" as in "sister." An-ag-NOR-uh-sis. Say it correctly, and spread the knowledge.